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About ENN

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Address of the Board Chairman

Against the backdrop of exacerbating energy and environmental crisis, more and more people came to realize that it is imperative to steer away from disorderly exploitation, isolated production and inefficient use to energy. The era of intelligent energy is emerging, where human beings harmoniously coexist with nature as intelligence interacts with energy. A modern energy system integrating complementary fossil energy and renewables is burgeoning.

This new era means new opportunities, new challenges and new responsibilities to the energy sector. ENN, a private Chinese company that has been actively promoting innovations in clean energy for over 20 years, is now responding to the call of the new era. We are committed to continuously developing proprietary technologies, improving efficiency in energy production and utilization, constructing the modern energy system, and promoting harmonious development of energy, economy and environment.

All great journeys start with a first step, with passion, wisdom, sense of responsibility, and creative actions. ENN hopes to make concerted efforts with our partners to fuel the rise of the clean energy industry in China and around the new globe.