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    From Chinese New Year’s Eve to the seventh day of the Chinese New Year, Leaders from ENN Energy including CEO Han Jishen, President Liu Min and regional general managers respectively visited member enterprises to meet employees who still stuck to their posts and needy employees with greetings.

    From February 12 to 13, a delegation consisting of ENN Energy CEO Han Jishen, Assistant President and Central China General Manager Wang Wenfeng visited employees in Central China. They subsidized needy employees from Huaihua ENN Gas.

    On the Chinese New Year’s Eve (February 15), ENN Energy CEO Han Jishen and ENN Energy Senior Vice President and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei General Manager Hu Qili visited workers at the production line at Jinggu ENN Gas with New Year greetings.

    From February 12 to 13, a delegation led by ENN Energy President Liu Min, ENN Energy Senior Vice President and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei General Manager Hu Qili paid field visits to member enterprises in Shijiazhuang and ran safety inspections as well as comforted partners striving at the production line with New Year greetings.

    On the Chinese New Year’s Eve (February 15), ENN Energy President Liu Min, ENN Energy Senior Vice President and South China General Manager Wu Xiaolei visited Guangzhou ENN Fengshen LNG Gas Distribution Station to comfort employees with New Year greetings, check up the work and guide the work.

    On the fifth day of Chinese New Year (February 20), a delegation led by ENN Energy President Liu Min visited Yuhang ENN Energy Pan Energy Net Project #3 Station in Hangzhou in the rain to deliver New Year greetings and comforts to employees sticking to their posts during the Chinese Spring Festival.

    On the seventh day of the Chinese New Year (February 22), which is also the first day of work in the Chinese New Year, ENN Energy President Liu Min guided the work in South China and organized South China Pan Energy business team to hold a symposium.

    The delegation visited service halls, gas stations and air force stations to deliver Chinese New Year greetings and comforts, ask employees’ working and living condition, listen to their opinions and suggestions on work and stress the top-priority position of production safety. Safe and stable use of gas should be ensured for users.

    The delegation also attended a symposium to exchange ideas with cadre employees, communicating and discussing with them on key issues like strategic upgrade, management restructuring and culture reshaping. The delegation also answered questions raised by participants, clearly drew a development blue print of ENN and encouraged partners to stride forward toward the comprehensive energy business blue print.

    On January 11, Dongguan ENN Gas Technology R&D Center was officially established. Dongguan ENN Gas will drive landing of technology projects, implement achievement transformation mechanism, increase enterprise technological innovation capability and support the company’s strategic development need through the operation of the technology R&D center.

    During the establishment ceremony, general manager of the company Cai Zhipeng introduced the positioning, future planning and proceeding situation of the technology R&D center from three aspects: 1. Fully arouse personnel, funds and projects, make thorough development planning and realize ‘High Starting Point, Overall Planning and Implementation by Step’; 2. Be outcome-based and attract employees to participate in innovation by setting up effective project incentive policies; 3. Divide technological innovation projects into different layers, do well in new technology introduction and research of major projects as well as new equipment and new material introduction and promotion and constantly inspire grass-roots employees’ innovation and creativity potential.

    The establishment of the technology R&D center will better support the development of Dongguan ENN Gas. The technology R&D center will be committed to R&D and application of new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipments, actively carry out technical exchange and cooperation, translate technological innovation achievements into enterprise performance and help realize the goal of becoming a respectable new-type smart enterprise with scientific, rigorous, realistic and pragmatic attitudes!

    On December 13, ENN Energy’s Energy Distribution branch and Suzhou Hongda Group signed a park Pan Energy project cooperation agreement in Langfang, Hebei province. Suzhou Hongda Group General Manager Huang Yaozhong, Deputy General Manager Xie Yu, Hongda Thermoelectricity General Manager Xie Haiqi, Energy Distribution CEO Wang Shaojian, Energy Distribution Senior Vice President and East China General Manager Hong Wan attended the signing ceremony.
    Located in Shaxi town, Taicang, Suzhou Hongda Group has 15 subsidiaries with business scope ranging from cogeneration, to biological enzyme, paper products, R&D and production of environmental protection and energy saving products, energy service and so on.

    The delegation from Hongda Group visited the Smart Enterprise Operation Center, the Pan Energy Digital Center, Xinzhaoyang Project and Qixiu Academy and highly acclaimed ENN’s Pan Energy Net technological superiorities, platform operation ability, energy development concept and corporate culture.

    During the signing ceremony, both parties introduced current development status the enterprises and deeply exchanged ideas on contents and directions of cooperation in the future. According to the agreement, both parties will jointly set up a project working group which will be responsible for investigating energy users of Hongda Group within the current heat supply scope in Taicang, formulating park Pan Energy technical solutions and accelerating project landing.

    On November 30, a ceremony was held for the establishment of Xiangtan Desheng Energy Power Distribution and Sales Co., Ltd., the owner of the Xiangtan Economic Development Zone Increased Power Distribution Business Pilot Project. ENN is one of the shareholders of the new company. Leaders from Hunan Energy Bureau, Xiangtan Development and Reform Commission, Xiangtan Commission of Economy and Information Technology and Xiangtan Economic Development Zone attended the ceremony to deliver congratulations. ENN Energy’s Energy Distribution Assistant President Wang Wenfeng attended the ceremony as shareholder representative.

    In November 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission, and National Energy Administration issued a Notice on Regulating Reform Experimentation of Increased Power Distribution Business which includes a list of China’s first batch of 105 increased power distribution business reform pilot projects. Xiangtan Economic Development Zone Increased Power Distribution Business Pilot Project is on the list. In September 2017, Hunan Energy Bureau released a recruitment announcement for Xiangtan Economic Development Zone Increased Power Distribution Business Pilot Project to publicly select an owner of the project. Hunan ENN Energy Development Co., Ltd. made advanced preparation, communicated with various parties and collaborated with State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company Limited, Datang Huayin Electric Power Ltd., and Hunan Liancheng Energy Development Co., Ltd. for joint bidding. They successfully won the bidding.

    Hunan ENN Energy showed active participation in the bidding and gave full play to ENN’s strengths like its Pan Energy technology and gas resources, playing an important role in winning the bidding. Meanwhile, Hunan will deeply participate in the operation of the new company as Energy Distribution’s first increased power distribution business pilot project to accumulate power distribution network operation experiences, actively explore the ‘Pan Energy + Power Distribution and Sales Business Mode’ with the Pan Energy concept and further implement the strategic goal of developing new business.

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