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    Recently, ENN Kaifeng Gas invited professionals from ENN to participate in the two-day training event in a bid to boost the sales promotion of Geruitai cooking utensils. More than 30 workers from cooking utensil sales, after-sales maintenance etc took part along with those from companies in Henan Province and Anhui Province.

    The training centered on introduction to Geruitai brand, product maintenance and repair. Professional lecturers introduced the merits and demerits of various Geruitai products like heaters, smoke extractors, sterilizers, hanging furnace etc in their different versions so that consumers will know more about their features and selling points. In the meantime, Precautions in malfunction examination, repair maintenance of these products were also detailed to provide necessary guarantee for excellent after-sales service.

    After the training for two days, participants said all of them have got professional know-how and would put these knowledge into daily practice in order to better promote Geruitai products around Kaifeng.

    Recently, Mr. Liu, manager of logistics department of Langfang Mingzhu Group came to ENN with the banner of “high quality, user first”. He shaked hands with Yan Renfeng, director of ENN’s operation center, expressing thankfulness and saying: “We both provide service for people. ENN is a good example to interpret sincerity and customer first. ENN is our role model.” This should date back from half a month ago.
    “Is Mr. Liu of ENN speaking? Here is Mingzhu Building on the Xinhua Road. The heating season is coming, but one direct-fired machine broke down. It needs to be changed. Could you come to check the gas pipeline for us?” An anxious voice comes from the receiver.

    In the morning of November 1, Liu Jianguo, manager of industrial and commercial businesses of operation center of Langfang ENN, immediately went to Mingzhu Building after hang up the phone. By confirmingthe site condition, he contactedthe emergency repair group, comprehensive support staff within the jurisdictionand business managerof marketing department.Within ten minutes, all the relevant staff gathered in the direct-fired machine room. Mr. Liu of Mingzhu Building was extremely upset: “leaders of Langfang government will come here to inspect work and have a meeting by the end of this month. We are pressed for time and purchase a new direct-fired machine. So please help us to install the pipeline for early heating. Thank you.”

    The emergency repair group redesigned the pipeline according to the size and location of the direct-fired machine. In the afternoon of the same day, the budgeter handed the details of construction fees to Mr. Liu. On November 2, the repair group demolished the original gas pipeline. All the people involved in this project helped to demolish the direct-fired machine after finishing the designated work. Seeing the dust covering on the coats of ENN staff, Mr. Liu expresses thankfulness to all of them.

    In the following half a month, the newly-purchased direct-fired machine didn’t arrive. Mr. Liu was quite anxious. He contacted Li Haitao of the repair group, “Mr. Li, it was said there were many construction works these days, when the direct-fired machine arrived, the heating season may have started. And if a few more days are needed to install the machine, everything will screw up.” Li told him: “Don’t worry, Mr. Li. We will start construction as long as the machine arrives. We will try our best to finish the work before the inspection of leaders, even work for extra hours.”

    In the morning of November 18, the new machine was successfully installed, and the emergency repair group has prepared all the materials needed for construction. The 20-meter DN150 pipeline shall be installed atthe height of 5 meters and all 6 elbows shall be preset overhead. The repair group was strictly serious to the technique of every welded junction. All the members gave up their rest time at noon for two days. They even just ate somesteamed stuffed bunsand several cups of cold boiled waterfor dinner. Lights of the direct-fired machine keep flashing in the machine room...Mr. Liu and his colleagues brought the chicken and mealsfor them, but the food was sent back to Mr. Liu in the morning next day. Seeing all the members, tears welled up in Mr. Liu’s eyes. He said: “I really appreciate for your hard work. I love you and you are just like my family members.”

    In the afternoon of November 20, when the emergency repair group, comprehensive support staff and administrators of industrial and commercial businesses were connecting and installing the pipelines of Mingzhu Building, Mr. Liu came to Langfang ENN with the banner of “high quality, user first”, that’s scene wrote at the beginning of this article.

    On October 30, a number of central mainstream media and Guangdong media like Xinhua News Agency, Economic Daily, China Economic Times, Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, Guangdong TV, Shenzhen TV, Dongguan TV, etc. visited Xiegangmen Station of ENN Energy Holdings Limited (“ENN”) to report on “Guangzhou-Shenzhen West Second Line of West-East Natural Gas Transmission”. This visit aimed to make the public know how ENN sends the clean energy to thousands of families and improves the city’s environment and promote economic growth. 

    “Guangzhou-Shenzhen West Second Line of West-East Natural Gas Transmission” is a series of media reports organized and implemented by West-East Gas Pipeline Company of CNPC. It invites media to interview stations and users of Guangdong section of the west-east gas transmission to get to know the roles of west-east gas transmission in promoting economic and social development of the Pearl River Delta. ENN, as a significant company user of Guangdong section of the west-east gas transmission, is an important subject in these interview activities.

    Leaders of ENN accompanied the visit of the interview team and gave a detailed introduction to the overview and plans of the company. Since July 2012, ENN has brought in 1 billion cm3 gas of the second line of west-east gas transmission and supplied sufficient energy for approximately 600,000 residents, 3,000 companies, 10,000 vehicles and part of the power plants. It also supported the energy conservation and emission reduction and energy structure upgrading. Besides, responsible person of CNPC and media reporters recognized ENN’s initiative of using natural gas supplied by the west-east gas transmission to optimize the energy supply structure and promote regional economic coordination and growth. They raised many helpful questions.

    This day, the interview team also visited Xiegangmen Station and CNG gas station for automobile to deepen understanding of devices of the pipe network and operations of stations.

    This interview showed the good brand image of ENN. In the future, ENN will further expand available gas resources and continue to improve the rate of gasification to make more enterprises and individuals enjoy the advantages of natural gas and environmental protection.

    Recently, a batch of new LNG buses appeared at Bengbu ENN Xiao Huangshan gas station. All the sixty 14-meter LNG buses purchased by Bengbu Public Transport Company (“PTC”) will be put into use, and the planned sixty 18-meter LNG buses will also appear in Bengbu.

     In the early stage, to expand the LNG market, Bengbu ENN Gas caused PTC to purchase 120 LNG buses relying on years of good cooperation relations with PTC, policy support of government that emphasizes on energy saving and emission reduction and its own experience of operating LNG gas station. Bengbu ENN Gas will provide gas service for these LNG buses. This work has been listed as a public project by Bengbu government with significant attention and support.

     Currently, Bnegbu Enn Gas has invested in and operated 4 LNG gas stations, which not only satisfies the gas demand for the current 60 LNG buses and the upcoming 60 LNG buses, but the gas requirements of other LNG vehicles.

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